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1st TUMIEE Training School - Summary of the 1st Training School held in Rethymno (Greece) from September 23 to October 4, 2019 within COST Action TUMIEE (CA17126).












Online workshop on biotechnological applications - 18th June 2021
Workshop intended to discuss open points that can be tackled by means of the collaborative effort of Action members with expertise in different fields.
Meeting in Warsaw (POLAND) - 17&18th February 2020
The Action meeting held in Warsaw (Poland) on the 17 & 18th February 2020 included a Working Group meeting, a MC meeting and a Core group meeting.
1st WG meeting - Porto (PORTUGAL) - 4th March 2019
The First Working Group Meeting was held in Porto (Portugal) on the 4th March 2019.
2nd MC meeting – Madrid (SPAIN) - 20th November 2018
The 2nd MC Meeting was held in Madrid, just after the end of the 1st General Meeting. MC members from 20 countries attended.
1st General Meeting - Madrid (SPAIN) - 19-20th November 2018
1st General Meeting held in Madrid on the 19th & 20th of November 2018. Almost 80 researchers from 20 different countries attended this 2-day meeting.
1st MC meeting (kick-off meeting) – Brussels 12th September 2018
TUMIEE COST Action held its 1st MC Meeting on the 12th of September 2018 in the Headquarters of COST Association in Brussels.
Events organized in NBU
Public lecture "Ultrafast nonequilibrium dynamics of matter induced by the interaction with ultrashort laser pulses: plasmonics, nanostructuring and generation of high harmonics" Sources of radiation in the extreme ultraviolet range and its applications Building 2, Hall 607 Organizer: Telecommunications Department Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tsveta Apostolova After a brief review of the concepts of light such as electromagnetic radiation and corpuscular-wave dualism of its nature, as well as the physical principles of pulsed laser radiation, the microscopic mechanisms of laser energy absorption related to changes in the optical and structural properties of crystal will be considered. lattice of semiconductors and dielectrics interacting with ultrashort laser pulses. Some of the most important applications resulting from this interaction will be shown - diamond graphitization for the creation of three-dimensional particle detectors; the occurrence and propagation of surface waves caused by oscillations of the electron density and the associated electromagnetic field for the manufacture of metamaterials and innovative optoelectronic devices; generate high harmonics. The physical processes in matter during interaction and with radiation in the extreme ultraviolet range generated by laser sources will also be described. Applications in the field of lithography and characterization of materials for quantum calculations will be discussed.
SEMINAR "MATERIAL ENGINEERING OF DIAMOND AND APPLICATIONS IN RADIATION DETECTORS AND QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES" Building 1, hall 616, 11/08/2018 Organizers: Research Center "Institute for Modern Physical Research", Telecommunications Department Lecturer: Professor Silvio Shortino Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tsveta Apostolova The lecture will discuss the creation of three-dimensional graphite electrodes in synthetic diamond by irradiation with femtosecond laser pulses. It will be explained why diamond detectors with a three-dimensional architecture are the fastest and most radiation-resistant devices ever invented and why they best meet the experimental requirements of high-energy physics at CERN. The lecture will also explain the application of synthetic diamond as the closest to human tissues, in radiation dosimetry and radiotherapy and will show preliminary results from the use of three-dimensional diamond sensors in this field of medicine. Professor Silvio Shortino Since 1999, Professor Shortino has been working in the Department of Physics at the University of Florence. His research is carried out at the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics and in collaboration with international collaborations for the synthesis and characterization of artificial diamond for the manufacture of radiation detectors, photonic devices and dosimetry.
SEMINAR „QDD - QUANTUM DISSIPATIVE DYNAMICS. AN OPEN SOURCE PACKAGE TO STUDY DISSIPATION IN FINITE QUANTUM SYSTEMS “ FREE SOFTWARE PACKAGE FOR STUDY OF SCATTERING PROCESSES IN QUANTUM SIZE QUANTUM SYSTEMS Building 2, hall 701, September 2, 2019 Organizers: Institute for Modern Physical Research, NBU Telecommunications Department Lecturer: Dr. Francois Copans Moderators: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tsveta Apostolova Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Petrov Participants: students, external guests The event was organized in connection with the implementation of a bilateral project DNTS / France 01/9 "Theoretical study of the processes of nanoplasma generation in atomic and molecular clusters when irradiated with intense laser pulses in the infrared to X-ray spectral regions. Application of Theoretical Approaches to the Description of Plasma Generation in Solids ”led by the Institute for Modern Physical Research, NBU. Dr. Francois Copans is in the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse.