CentersInstitute for Advanced Physical Studies


The main goal of the Research Center "Institute for Advanced Physical Studies" (IAPS) is to conduct world class research in various fields of the physical sciences and computing; to strengthen the research profile of the New Bulgarian University; to create new knowledge and disseminate the contemporary undestanding of the physical world.

The IAPS research center was established in the beginning of 2016 as a joint initiative between NBU and the homonymous independent institute (www.iaps.institute) . In this center, the IAPS members share their knowledge and skills with researchers and lecturers from other departments of exact sciences.
The ambition of the center is to conduct fundamental as well as applied research and at the same time to offer courses in modern topic of physics apprehensibly taught to NBU students. The first step in this direction is the general knowledge course „The origin and evolution of the Universe. Quanta and relativity".


IAPS offers internships and specializations at its computer research lab, as well as in the framework of the collaborations with CERN and JINR (Dubna).


Head of the Institute
Assoc. Prof. Tsveta Apostolova
Building 2, office 217
Phone: 02/8110 217, ext. 2217
е-mail: tzveta.apostolova@nbu.bg


Stoyan Mishev, PhD
Building 2, office 217
Phone: 02/8110 217, ext. 2217